Aikido and the art of mountain biking. Part three: Flow

Once again, I was out riding my mountain bike in the desert near my house when I was inspired to finish up this series of articles connecting riding (and other pursuits) to Aikido practice. It had been a while since I had taken my last ride, so it took me a little time to get…Read More

Aikido and “Realistic” training

Here is a link to a thread at Aikido Journal that discusses training methods and whether MMA type competition (or other high risk training) is necessary to “validate” the martial integrity of your art.   I encourage you to read it and the comments that follow.  There is a lot of good information and…Read More

Aikido and the art of mountain biking. Part two: Vision

My last article on this topic looked at the concept of energy and the commonalities in its expression on a bike and in the dojo. This time I’m going to address the concept of vision. The topic of where to focus on your opponent is a frequently addressed one in the martial arts. Some schools…Read More

Why Are We “Five Rings” Aikido

Many people around the world have read “The Book of Five Rings” (Go Rin no Sho) by the great Japanese swordsman Miyamoto Musashi.  Even though the book is about swordsmanship, it is one of the greatest works on tactics ever written.  Musashi’s book is to tactics what Sun Tsu’s “The Art of War” is to…Read More