Aikido and the art of mountain biking. Part two: Vision

My last article on this topic looked at the concept of energy and the commonalities in its expression on a bike and in the dojo. This time I’m going to address the concept of vision. The topic of where to focus on your opponent is a frequently addressed one in the martial arts. Some schools…Read More

Why Are We “Five Rings” Aikido

Many people around the world have read “The Book of Five Rings” (Go Rin no Sho) by the great Japanese swordsman Miyamoto Musashi.  Even though the book is about swordsmanship, it is one of the greatest works on tactics ever written.  Musashi’s book is to tactics what Sun Tsu’s “The Art of War” is to…Read More

Scenario Based Aikido Training

Facilitating the Learning of Aikido Principles Through Scenario Based Training      If you are an Aikido practitioner and you are reading this, you may or may not have experienced scenario based training in your dojo.  I have visited quite a number of dojos over the last 14 years and I have rarely seen it myself. …Read More

Aikido and the Art of Mountain Biking

Part 1 – Energy  My Aikido sensei always pushed us to find applications of Aikido outside the dojo, and I have done that for years.  One of my other activities outside of work besides Aikido is mountain biking.  I can leave my house on my bike and be on a desert trail in about 90…Read More

Centerline as Emphasized in Aikido and Wing Chun

“Center” is a word that is heard a lot in the practice of Aikido.  Just like many things from Japanese culture/language, it can mean something different depending on the context.  Many times in class, center is used to refer to your own center (hara, below and behind your bellybutton).  Also, it can be used in…Read More