Day 0 (Kit arrives in the mail)

I got the kit in the mail and opened it up to inspect the parts.I got the kit in the mail and opened it up to inspect the parts.













LMI did a top notch job of packing and keeping everything safe.  It all arrived in perfect condition.


The sides and edge banding were pre-bent by LMI.  This is part of the “service” done to the kit.  Also shown here is the small strip of end graft taped to the bottom of the cardboard.IMAG1569










Shown here are the tuning keys, fingerboard with fret locations pre-cut, truss rod, end block of mahogany, kerfing strips, and headstock vaneers in the bag.  The kit also included a very good DVD by Robert O’Brien on building the kit.  It turns out Robert is a friend of Jason’s.  Small world…











The back has already been assembled and thicknessed, complete with a decorative back strip that matches the end-graft piece

shown above.


















Top of Sitka spruce, jointed and thicknessed.  The rosette is already installed as part of the service.  It looks really nice, but I was kind of looking forward to making my own rosette.  I have a design, I’ll have to try it on my next guitar…..


















I took the kit over to Jason’s shop on January 21 and he looked it over.  He was impressed with the overall quality of the parts and service.   We then left the parts in his climate controlled wood storage room to acclimate for a couple of weeks until I could come back to work on it.